Shyuan Kuee

Headquarter (Malaysia)

Nichehabitat was conceived by Shyuan Kuee in early 2014. As a passionate Architect, Shyuan is very meticulous about about her living environment and everyday lives.

She is also a strong advocate of RawVegan lifetsyle, which promotes healthy diet mainly consisted of raw smoothies. With a growing demand of appropriate kitchenware for her niche group of health conscious friends, Shyuan decided to begin dedicating part of her schedule to trading high quality kitchenware, focusing on the Asian market.

Some of her exclusive range of products include a collection of robust, recyclable tableware for everyday use, designed and imported from United States and United Kingdom.

nichehabitat是在2014年初Shyuan Kuee 的构思。作为一个充满激情的建筑师,Shyuan对于她的生活环境和日常起居非常讲究。

她也是 RawVegan Diet 生素饮食的宣扬者,主张以大量绿果露代替正餐健康饮食。基于来自于志同道合的朋友不断增长的需求,Shyuan决定开始寻找并推广适当的厨具高品质厨具,以满足这新兴需求。她的聚焦着重于亚洲市场。

Shyuan的独家系列包括充满设计感, 高素质并可以循环再用的餐具,主要从美国和英国进口。


Inspired by her childhood friend Shyuan, June has started to look into the RawVegan lifestyle. Also, as a graduate from Food Science degree in Singapore, June possesses professional knowledge in food and nutrition. She believes in quality kitchenware is capable of keeping the best quality of food.


Hong Kong

Joey started her raw food diet more than a year ago in the hope of better health. Since then, she has become a lot more energetic and has been enjoying maximum potentials of her life. She is keen to promote raw food diet to her friends and family in Hong Kong, and joining us has given her the opportunity to do exactly what she intended.